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If you are in pain, if the things you enjoy doing are now becoming difficult or impossible to do, you are probably looking for answers and wondering  “Can Chiropractic care help me? 

Here is a list of the most common conditions we treat in our office.

Spinal Musculoskeletal Conditions

  • SI Joint pain
  • Sciatica

Extremity Conditions

  • Knee pain 
  • Hip Pain
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Shoulder pain/impingement
  • Elbow pain/tennis elbow
  • Hand pain/carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Foot pain/plantar fasciitis

Personal Injury & Accident Conditions

  • Sprain/strain injuries

Back Pain

Lower back pain is number one source of disability worldwide.   More research is done on lower back pain than any other musculoskeletal issue.  The research shows that chiropractic is the safest, most effective, treatment for lower back pain and should be done before other treatments like drugs and surgery.


SI joint Pain

Pain in the lower spine on one side either right or left that is sharp and stabbing can be due to a problem with the sacro-illiac joint (SI).  


Neck Pain 

If you are having trouble turning your head, looking up towards the ceiling or down towards the ground there is a likelihood that your neck alignment is off. Chiropractic care safely restores normal movement in your neck and spine. 



Nobody wants to have a headache. Chronic headaches particularly ones that start in the back of the head and move forward can be caused by tension in the neck leading to irritation of the nerves that go into the head. Chiropractic has helped people become headache-free without drugs.


Knee Pain

Knee pain is the second most common disability after lower back pain. Studies are showing a primary reason for knee pain is the misalignment of the knees and pelvis leading to stress at the knee. We align the knee and hips and often see improvement in knee problems. 


IT band pain

IT band pain also known as the iliotibial band.  This band supports the outside aspect of the upper thigh and can often tighten leading to pain for runners and walkers.


Shoulder impingement/pain

The shoulder has a lot of degrees of motion making it susceptible to getting impinged or have it’s motion restricted or limited. Adjusting the components of the shoulder joint often restores proper motion and eliminates pain. 


Elbows, Wrists/Hands and Feet

Elbows, Wrists/hands and Feet are subjected to chronic repetitive stress and use making them prime areas to see decreased motion or movement in their joint segments. This lack of motion leads to stress and chiropractic can restore normal motion. 


Auto Injuries and Whiplash

Car accidents cause severe abrupt motion changes to the spine leading to sprain and strain injuries of the neck, back and shoulders.  Getting chiropractic treatment early allows the proper healing of the joints and muscles to take place reducing the likelihood of chronic problems later.

Great practice.  They care very much about patients, always strive to get you in asap if you need to be seen that day, and Dr. A is the sweetest man!  He helped me so much with neck and hip issues.  He also correctly diagnosed my chronic foot pain as stemming from extremely tight calf muscles – a few massages and stretches and years of pain ended!  And he correctly diagnosed that my shoulder issues were not going to be helped by chiro and recommended an ortho specialist who turned out to be great.  I very much respect a Dr who doesn’t think he’s a hammer and the entire world is a nail.  He cares about his patients as people and wants them to be well and it shows! – Elizabeth W.  Raleigh, NC


If you are looking for a solution to your problem and you want to avoid the side effects and addictive nature of drugs, as well as avoid surgery, chiropractic care is a proven, safe and effective solution that can help you feel and function better.

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